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Arishita Gupta

News Editor, Researcher, Fencer


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At the heart of my journalism and research is the acknowledgement of the privileges I have, and how that  privilege can be used to uplift the voices of the disempowered.

Within my roles as a news editor and researcher, I place a special focus on covering topics pertaining to social justice for marginalized gender and racial populations. Alongside these, I have a special interest in law, labor and administrative issues, a testament to my desire to pursue investigations further in my career.

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Breaking local news for The Daily Targum


SJP announces reinstatement, discusses experience with appeal process

"For the last three months, Rutgers University has shown that they will not uplift the movement — they will suppress it," an SJP speaker said. "But the students have shown that they will keep organizing for Palestinian liberation. The passion for justice that exists in the hearts of this academic community is enough to propel us through any obstacle and any oppression."

Many Books

Local bookstore facing displacement calls for donations, community support

On February 29, Hidden Gems Literary Emporium, a local bookstore focused on philanthropy and access to literacy, will lose its brick-and-mortar location on Morris Street in New Brunswick

T he store currently has more than 10,000 books in storage from various individual and corporate donors, demonstrating the importance people place on the shop.


Encampment ends peacefully despite police presence, students reach deal with administration

Themes of community and remaining progress emerged in the closing speeches led by encampment organizers, who reminded the public of the strength of numbers and validated their frustrations. In their remarks, an organizer issued a call for future action.

"I hear you, and I see you, and I understand … your feelings of being upset," the spokesperson said. "I hope you can understand why the decision was made. If we don't get what we want, I'll see you back here next time."

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